Gani has 23 years of coaching experience and was the Junior Tennis Director in charge of the youth tennis program at Seven Oaks for 12 years.   He was a former Nigeria Davis Cup player from 1990-2001 and reached the status of Nigeria’s ranking player.  He was ranked #1 in North Carolina in 2004-2005, with an IFT Ranking of 40 in the world.   In 1994 he played at Junior Wimbledon, the Junior Swiss Open, the Junior Japan Open, and Junior German Open as part of the Nigerian Junior Tennis Team.  Gani is very happy to be part of the Wood Valley Tennis family.  He enjoyed coaching the fall Wood Valley Junior Tennis Teams and is looking forward to coaching the teams this spring and summer!

Tennis Lessons and Clinics with Coach Gani at WVSRC

Interested in private lessons?


Our tennis professional provides lessons for both adults and youth in a group or private one-on-one sessions.

Private LessonsPrivate Lesson (1 person):     $60/hour per person

Semi-private Lesson (2 people):                    $30/hour per person

4-person Group Lesson:                                $15/hour per person

5-6 person Group Lesson:                             $14/hour per person

For more information, Contact Coach Gani at 919-539-0140 or