WVSRC is pleased to offer Off-Hours Lap Swimming to all interested members!

Steps to Join:

1. Member must be in good paid standing


2. Please review and sign the 2021 Lap Swim Waiver

3. We use a Groupme chat to manage the lap swim times and participants.  Groupme is an app to download on your phone in order to be able to see the group messages. Once your waiver is signed and your membership status is confirmed, you will be added to the Groupme chat.


WVSRC Lap Swim General Guidelines


-There must always be at least 2 swimmers for lap swim.

-Generally 1 swimmer per lane, so max 6 swimmers in a time period.

-Lap swim times are 1 hour - if you will be there less time pls let folks know.

-Lap swim is for adults 18 and over only, any participants must sign the waiver before swimming while the pool is otherwise closed.

-Lap swim times vary throughout the season, updates will be provided on Groupme.

-Pls post on the Groupme chat if you will swim, and what time - you will see chats the day before with folks either saying they will swim or asking to swim.  From the chat you can see how many lanes are being used, so for example - I would post 'Lori will swim Tuesday at 6:30am, #3' if I see other folks are already swimming at that day/time.

-Note that the guard shack needs to be unlocked during lap swim to enable access to the AED which is located in the main clubhouse.

-If you say you will swim - please show up.  If you have to cancel, let the group know - especially if there's only 1 other swimmer.  You are responsible for monitoring weather and not swimming during thunder/lightning.

-There needs to be at least one person with a key to unlock/lock up - the following folks have keys - Craig Wooster, Lori Campoli, Carrie Fleck, Mike Bertics, Steven Cain, Terry Hurley, Carol Berger, Amber Wredberg, Megan DeLong, Callie Ray

Female Swimmers

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