Membership Questions

  • What is the difference between the Annual and Permanent Membership?

    • Annual membership is more money and can be renewed annually, you have no stake in the club and do not have voting rights.  You can skip a year without penalty​

    • Permanent membership is less money annually however it must be renewed annually or there is a $350 stock maintenance fee to rejoin.  You will need to purchase stock to be on this plan, you can purchase the full stock for $500 up front or you can break it out into 3 years at $200 / $200 / $100 increments.   As with all stocks, you can request to have it refunded if you choose to stop being members.  If you have not purchased the full stock for $500 and choose to stop being members, you will be unable to get your stock funds back.   Still unsure?  Email our Membership Director at 

  • Can I use a credit card?

    • Yes!  Starting in the 2022 season credit cards are now the preferred way to pay with no additional fees.

Pool Questions

  • What are the guest packages?

    • Individual Guest Passes are $5/person, all guests over the age of 2 must have a guest pass.  

    • Bulk packages are available: 

      • Pack of 5 for $20

      • Pack of 10 for $37.50 

      • Pack of 20 for $65 

    • These passes will stay on your account and you can use them throughout the season. Passes expire at the end of the season.  Guest passes can be purchased within the Member Portal by credit card or by cash / check via the Guard Shack

  • When is adult swim?

    • You may notice the whistle blowing at the 50 of every hour, this means that there's 10 minutes of Adult Swim time. The guards exit the stand and all children must evacuate the pool. Everyone can jump back in after the next whistle at the top of the hour.

  • What are the rules for the basketball Hoop?

    • No hanging on the rim please. Members and their guests will be responsible for any damage to equipment

    • You need to be aware of your surroundings.  Please try to avoid overshooting and a stray ball flying into the shallow area, there are small children that could get hurt.

  • Why are the lanes and dive well blocked off on certain days?

    • We have youth swim and dive practices daily along with meets that we have to schedule around.  Please be patient, it is an 8 week season.  Swim takes up lanes 4-6 on weekday evenings and the dive well is occupied during weekday evenings as well.  Check the youth sports pages for up to date practice times to plan accordingly.

  • What is the policy for using the grills?

    • Grills are first come first serve

    • Grills are made possible by member donations, please respect the grills and clean up to prepare for the next member.

    • Members can volunteer to refill or exchange a propane tank.

    • Come prepared - WVSRC does not provide Aim & Flame or matches to light grills, grill cleaning brushes, or grill tools - members should bring all their own supplies

  • What do I do in the event of an emergency?

    • There is an "Emergency Assembly Area" behind the dive well - know your surroundings in the event of an emergency

  • How do I clean up a mess on my table?

    • Cleaning supplies are available at the guard shack, if you want to wipe something down, just ask!  Guards should be regularly cleaning tables, feel free to request if they're available.  

  • How do I pay for concessions?

    • You can add money to your account via the Member Portal or add credit to your account via cash or check at the guard shack.  After every purchase a receipt will be emailed to you. Please make checks payable to WVSRC.

Youth Sports Questions

  • How do I sign up for Youth Sports?

Rental Questions

  • What can be rented?

    • Pool Shelter

      • This is the canopy area that houses the grills and several tables​

    • Otter Deck

      • This is the raised deck toward the back of the pool area on the right.  ​

    • Clubhouse

      • This has the open indoor space as well as a full kitchen for indoor events​

    • Pool​

      • Yes, you can rent the whole pool!​

  • How do I rent a space at WVSRC?​

Volunteering Questions

  • How can I help support WVSRC?

    • WVSRC is a non-profit and is fully run by a board of volunteers.  We need member support to be able to offer you the things that we do offer.  ​

    • Many events, services, and upgrades are provided by donations and volunteers.  To join our group of volunteers, please reach out to

Court Sports Questions

  • How do I get a key to the courts?

    • Please email to arrange for a key to be issued.  The key also will get you into the basketball court as well as the playground area.​

  • How do I get set up to reserve a court?