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It is essential that parents volunteer to support the activities of the Wood Valley summer swim program. Please remember that the swim team needs you to help – and more than once! It take a minimum of 35-40 people to run each of the 3 home meets. We need help from all parents whether your child is a novice swimmer or a senior swimmer. The jobs are low-key and easy to learn. In fact we have detailed descriptions on this page! Someone will always be there to help you. If your positions begins at the start of the meet, please arrive early to get set up so the meet can begin on time.
It is required that the parents of ALL swimmers sign up to assist with at least four meets.   We have also identified some volunteer positions that are ‘One and Done’ – if you choose one of these positions, you will fulfill your volunteer participation requirement for the season.
To sign up for volunteer positions please go to www.tsaswimteam.com and choose volunteer selection from the left menu.
 Click HERE for descriptions of the various Volunteer Positions
If you sign up to work a meet and find that you are unable to attend, please try to find your own replacement and notify the Volunteer Coordinator, Linda McCall. “ 


Click below on each position name for details on each positions responsibilities:

Regular positions:

Clerk of Course
Concessions Set Up or Clean up
Heat Judge
Kid Pusher
Place Judge
Announcer (Coming soon)
Ribbon writer (Coming soon)
Stroke & Turn judge (Coming soon)


One and Done positions:

Award Ceremony Coordinator
Award Ceremony Program
End of Season Video
Meet Concessions Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
TSA Rep (Coming soon)
Ribbon Coordinator (Coming soon)
Social Coordiantor (Coming soon)
Spirit Coordinator (Coming soon)